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Coconut Water

CoAqua Premium Coconut Water


Coaqua original is 'super-premium' coconut water from fresh young coconuts harvested at around 7 months. Our coconut water is the 'sweetest' water you'll find anywhere - the way it is supposed to be. Straight from coconut trees in tropical Southern Vietnam and into the bottle. Glass of course.

There are many environmental factors that determine the flavour of coconut water and one of the primary yardsticks is the BRIX content. This is the amount of natural sugar in the liquid. A fresh green coconut has on average a BRIX of 6 so that’s what we chose as our benchmark. You'll taste the difference. No added sugar No preservatives No fat or trans fat Low cholesterol Low calories Picked at the perfect moment of sweetness Bottled at source Younger. Sweeter. Better.

Available 250ml 24/case

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