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Artesian Waters

Beverly Hills 9OH2O


Winner of the World’s Best Water Award, the extraordinary Beverly Hills 9OH2O Crafted Spring Water was designed from the ground up to be the ultimate in water. A world-class team of experts, including renowned water sommelier Martin Riese, created this world’s first crafted water by combining pristine spring water from the Northern California Mountains with a proprietary blend of carefully selected natural minerals.

Beverly Hills 9OH2O Crafted Spring Water is the first to combine the best taste, best health, best pairing, and best design into one ultimate water product. Its exceptional taste profile is silky smooth, incredibly crisp, and remarkably light. Its superior health profile is alkaline, electrolyte-rich, and high in healthy minerals. It pairs perfectly with fine foods, fine wines, Scotch and other fine spirits. And its exquisite design captures the classic elegance and glimmering vitality of Beverly Hills, California.

Beverly Hills 9OH2O Crafted Spring Water is available exclusively in the finest cafes and restaurants, luxury hotels, gourmet markets, specialty boutiques, leading-edge nightlife and entertainment venues, and other select establishments worldwide.

Think taste, think luxury, think Beverly Hills 9OH2O, the finest water in the world!

Available 1000ml 12/case

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