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Hildon Natural Mineral Water

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The distinctive terroir* of Hildon Natural Mineral Water comes from deep beneath the chalk hills of the beautiful Hampshire countryside. This chalk environment filters the water to exceptional purity and embodies it with a specific composition of minerals characteristic of the geological strata it flows through. This ‘fingerprint’ gives our natural mineral water a taste and composition which is uniquely Hildon. Our natural mineral water is of an exceptionally high quality and purity with a very low sodium content. Hildon’s exclusive brand of bottled water is admired for its particularly favorable blend of minerals and this subtle combination of flavors has consistently won blind tastings worldwide. The well balanced, pure, clean taste of Hildon has become synonymous with fine dining; its natural flavors enhancing the food and wine it is shared with, rather than competing with them. Whether ‘Delightfully Still’ or ‘Gently Sparkling’, Hildon Natural Mineral Water has become recognized all over the globe with an epicurean context similar to wine.

*Terroir: as with wine making, the subtle yet characteristic flavor of the product, attributes to the very ground from which it comes.

Available Still/Sparkling 333ml 24/case & 750ml 12/case

Still / Sparkling:
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